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Birth services

Giving you a worry free experience

What roll does a doula play in your birth? We help navigate those stressful times during pregnancy. Rather emotional, spiritual, or something physical bothering you we help. One of our biggest components is providing a "one stop" doula service for our clients. We offer massages and reiki with a licensed therapist/doula(Valencia). Also offering birth photograph, belly casting, closing of the womb, blessing of wombs, and other holistic methods passed down.

As your doula we advocate, comfort, and educate you about the birth you want.  Rather home birth, unassisted, hospital, medicated, unmedicated, or c-section we are there for you.

We have packages starting off at $900.00-$2,500.00. ALL of our packages have payment plan options and a retainer fee to hold your birth on our calendar is $250.00. Schedule an interview with us today!



Hospital birth


Unassisted birth


Cesarean (c-section)

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