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What is Unassisted/Spiritual Midwifery Service?

Unassisted and spiritual midwifery services are family surrounded care. We focus on prevention, self care, education, support in whatever way it is needed (spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional), and more! We provide you with care based on traditional care similar to what our ancestors gave. Our goal is to guide you to a healthy and safe delivery of both you and your baby. We believe in you so that you can believe in yourself by educating and guiding you to have a birth base off of your autonomy rights over yourself, your body, and your baby. 

What does this care look like?

What about supplies?

All supplies and safety materials are provided by us for your birth! We just asked that you provide us with access to clean sheets (two pair to prepare your space for labor and postpartum), towels, and bowl for your placenta. 

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