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Answers to your Questions

What are your interactions with medical staff like?

As your doula when birthing in hospital or birthing center our job is to bridge the gap between you and your medical team. We provide insight on all your options, help you advocate and advocate on your behalf, hold space, help your provider explain things better to help your understand, make sure your birthing plan goes as followed, provide your provider with knowledge on evidence base material to avoid high risk medical intervention, and more!

Do you perform any physical examinations?

As your doula we DO NOT (even in unassisted births) perform exams of any kind. We do provide you with knowledge about your own body to encourage you to explore and learn to do on your own.

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

Yes it does but in a good way. We support partners just as we support the birthing person educating, provide support emotionally and spiritually, providing a judgment free atmosphere, giving partners rest time during delivery, and more! We also encourage partners and other support people to attend meetings and introduction call so we can all meet and answer any questions someone may have.

How long do you stay after delivery.

For our hospital births we are there till your transition into postpartum, free standing birth centers we are there all the way till your transition home, homebirth we are there till 4 hours after birth, and unassisted births we are there for 6 hours after birth.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yew we do! All of our birth packages have a small deposIt of $250.00 due at signing which start services right away and the remaining is due by 38 weeks of pregnancy. 

With Placenta services half is due at contract signing and the remaining at the time of placenta pick up.

Lastly our Postpartum services can be paid in full, daily, or weekly.

How much are fertility services?

Our fertility services are completely free aside from purchases of herbs, oils, and massages.

I am under the age of 17 with no support how can your organization help?

We provide free services for teens. Our only promise we ask you to make to us is to continue with school and or be honest with us if you need help with job placement, school, housing, providing for self, etc.

How long is my placenta safe for?

Placenta is safe 4 hours without refrigeration, 1 week in fridge, and 2 years frozen.

How long before I receive my placenta back once received by your company?

Placenta services take 4-5 days to complete In which we will drop it off to you at your home.

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